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It's been a long road with many ups and downs, but we've arrived at the final issue of The Iron Warrior this term. I'd like to thank all my staff for all their hard work writing articles and copy editing. They've been an invaluable help to me this term, and without them, there would not be a newspaper. I'd like to thank Jacob Terry and Farzi Yusufali for all their help this term, especially early. They helped me to iron out the kinks in our publishing schedule this term, and Jacob was the one who suggested printing the election issue. Farzi has been invaluable in helping me to catch mistakes in the issues. I'd also like to thank Nancy Hui, Nina Feng, and Vince Magas as well as all my other copy editors for all the work they did catching grammar and spelling errors and making sure that articles were printed as error free as possible. Thank you to the many who contributed to the paper this term. Your words and thoughts are the heart of the paper, and I hope those thoughts have informed many, and made them think. I would like to thank both Mary and the EngSoc execs this term for basically managing the paper's finances. Mary has been an invaluable help by delivering invoices to advertisers and informing me about important things like signing cheques and alerting me that Plant Ops wanted to put up the boards in the room. I know the EngSoc execs were very busy, and my only regret is that the one time they all handed in their reports on time was a week that wasn't a publishing weekend. Well, that and also that I couldn't attend any EngSoc meetings due to scheduling conflicts with a class. I also have some awards to mention. Every term, we give out two awards. The Iron Pen Award goes to the person who wrote the most number of words in the paper in the term. The Editor's Award goes to those people who have helped me the most this term. The Iron Pen Award this term goes to newcomer Alex Toth! Nancy Hui was in the lead for most of the term, but despite an impressive 2000 words coming from Nancy this issue, Alex delivered a 3055 word monster to me this issue, which just barely placed him over Nancy in word count. Congrats to Alex! The Editor's Award this year goes to Jessica Keung! She's been very helpful this term, writing several articles and starting a new humour column called How to Talk to which will hopefully be a worthy successor to the vaunted TopZ (with a Z). She has also been my representative at said EngSoc meetings which I couldn't attend, has done virtually every edition of the Iron Inquisition this term, and has been here for the majority of production weekends. Thanks for being such a big help and for doing basically anything I needed you to. I would also like to announce the new EIC for the Summer 2014 term: Nina Feng! Nina has been with the paper since 1A, and was one of the most prolific contributors to the paper this term. She also has layout experience and knows how the paper will run. I'm sure you will do a great job in Summer 2014 Nina, and if you need help, don't hesitate to ask me or any of the other previous EICs and others. I also want to give a shout out to Spenser Good, the incoming EIC for next term. Circumstances allowed him to turn up for several meetings this term and to write several articles, even though he's offstream this term. I'm sure he'll do an amazing job and I look forward to see what he will accomplish next term. I will personally remember these last three months as some of the best months of my life. This was the first time I took on such a large responsibility, and I can only hope that I shouldered it admirably. One thing I know I could have improved on during the term was communication with EngSoc. I know scheduling conflicts kept me from being able to go to meetings, but I could have found other ways to keep in touch with them. Their input and advice could have made this term much easier, and Hopefully this will not be the end, but a beginning as I pursue bigger and better things next term, and I hope to stay involved in the engineering community. All that said, these last several days have been rather trying to me. My godmother passed away early last week, and naturally I needed to attend the funeral. This meant I would be home from Thursday night to Friday morning. While I do not regret this decision, it did put me behind, both in schoolwork and on the paper. Again though, no regrets here. While it's important to learn from every experience in your life, it's more important to know what you learned in those experiences. I had lost my grandfather and my godmother, both of whom I was very close to, within the span of months. But I do not wish they did not pass away. I miss them, but they both lived very full lives, and I am happy for the time I was able to spend with them. Thank you for being here throughout the term reading my ramblings about recent events and about life and challenges. I hope it didn't bore too much. Thank you readers for continuing to pick up and read The Iron Warrior. It means a lot to us and after all, we are proving a service to you, and we are thankful you are appreciating it.

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Here's a rundown of my pregnancy experience so far. I have a 15 yo DD 11 yo DS so haven't been through this for awhile. LMP 6/20/2012, BFP 7/18/2012. Started having some very light pink spotting on 7/25/2012. Had an ultrasound that day which showed an empty gestational sac. Followed up with an exam by the doctor which indicated bleeding was caused by cervical ectropian and not coming from the uterus. Repeated hcg on 7/27 was 7555. Follow up ultrasound on 8/1 showed sac was still empty. Had grown but apparently not as much as they would have liked to see. Nurse Practitioner starts explaining options of miscarrying naturally, taking meds to induce miscarriage or scheduling D because at this point we should see yolk sac and fetal pole and she felt confident this is not a viable pregnancy and I have a blighted ovum. Repeat hcg and levels came back at 37000. I have been all over the message boards and I know that you can still experience pregnancy symptoms and have rising hcg with a blighted ovum, but also have found many women who have had empty sacs and 7 or even 8 weeks and gone on to have healthy babies. Will repeat hcg tomorrow and follow up with another ultrasound on Monday and appointment with the doctor. Has anyone here had a similar experience or known someone who has? What was your outcome? Hoping for the best here but this waiting game is torture!! Sorry you are going through this I know the waiting and not knowing is so difficult. I have had 3 m/c's and one of them was a blighted ovum (I also had an ectopic and one that just died at around 9 weeks). Unlike you, however, my hcg didn't rise properly and my progesterone never made above 10 (did they check your progesterone?). Weekly progress on the u/s showed underdevelopment about 2 weeks behind where it should be. You sound like your HCG is really going up well so that is encouraging! I also believe that for as early as we are a few days makes a HUGE difference! For example I had an u/s last Thursday at 5W3D and we only saw an empty sac. I assumed the worst. Monday I was bleeding and went in for another u/s on Tuesday and there was the baby and the heartbeat! Just 4 days later! I would definitely get your blood results back and that will be a great indicator. I went to the dr for u/s on monday; Im supposed to be 8w3d on monday, they only saw an empty gestational sac. they told me i was either really off on my dates (unlikely) or i was having a missed miscarriage and my body isnt realizing it. they tollk some blood and my levels had only risen from 7000 to 9000 in 10 days. This is not my first miscarriage, in fact, it will be my fourth, so im really dreading this. i know to expect the worst is realistic but im still hoping for the best. I think that the fact your numbers are still rising is a great sign! I wouldnot give up hope just yet! I wish you all the best :) Hang in there I am in the same boat EXCEPT my doc is much more hopeful. (LMP 7/21, spotting, empty sac yesterday). I go back for another ultrasound Wednesday. My doc said maybe we are not seeing anything because I ovulated late or the baby implanted late. She did say that there could be a problem with the pregnancy (and we havne't seen anything because something is wrong) but she would rather we hold a good though. So I am being as positive as I can, and I would encourage you to do the same. My doc told me that there is a fair amount of variability this early on and this can be normal. This is my second, and my first pregnancy looked nothing like this. Sometimes I think we know a little too much. : ) Please check back in and try to be positive you are pregnant right now and your body knows just what to do. I'm really sorry your going through this. I know first hand how horrible a situation like this can be. Unfortantely, it's hard to say what is going on for certain. Like you stated, some people in your shoes have continued on with a healthy pregnancy after reaching the 7 8wk mark where they find a heartbeat. Others, myself included, have had similar situations where it ended up in a miscarriage. Last September I went in for an early U/S where they found a gestational sac. My HCG levels were still doubling every 48 hrs so I held on to hope. I went back a week after my 1st U/S where I should've been 7.5 wks pregnant. The sac grew a bit, but was still not measuring where it should have been and showed no baby/HB. The Dr. did an exam and told me I was very close to miscarrying on my own so I could go that route or D E. I chose D E because they were able to send tissue out to be tested for chromosomal abnormalities. The results came back that my baby had Trisomy 3 and it would have been a girl. It was heartbreaking yet comforting to know that there was a reason behind why everything was "off". I understand this may not be the comforting thing to tell you, but you have to be aware of the possibilities that may arise. It seems like you already do, but I know when I was in your shoes so many people told me this happens all the time and everyone ends up with a healthy HB later on. I didn't like the sugar coating because, after all, no one knows what is going to happen. None the less, I really, really hope that you don't end up where many of us have been hopefully your baby is just a slow grower and you will get good news with the upcoming U/S. Hope I wasn't too harsh good luck and please keep us posting. We're all pulling for you. Same thing happened to me. This is my first pregnancy, and I went to my gyn (who no longer does ob) to confirm. Her nurse practitioner had me do an ultrasound and the sac looked empty. We were still fairly positive because it was only 6 weeks 3 days, but when the nurse came back in to discuss the results, it didn't sound promising. My hcg levels were still high, so they had me go back for more bloodwork. Levels were still rising, which was good, so they sent me to have an ultrasound at another office with a newer machine. We went today, and after all that worry and praying, saw a baby, a yolk sac, and the heartbeat! We were so worried (3 of my friends just had miscarriages in the first 6 weeks of their first pregnancies). The newer machines make all the difference! If they can't see anything, ask them to do a vaginal ultrasound. Both times my ultrasound techs couldn't see anything until they used the probe. Just pray about it and keep positive! I know it's hard, but prayer is powerful. God bless. Happened to me to, and I'm so sorry. I know it's terribly stressful not knowing what's going to happen. Last year, my 9 wk ultrasound showed everything perfect except for an empty sac which only measured 7 wks. Since my hcg levels were at 43,000 and my cycles were much longer than normal (sometimes the typical 4 wks, sometimes 6wks), they still had some hope for me. We did another blood test 3 days later showing that the hcg had only gone up to 47,000. not a big enough increase that they'd normally expect, but still possible to have a viable pregnancy. I went in for another ultrasound a week later, and that confirmed that everything had started breaking down in my uterus. I ended up passing the bulk of the tissue naturally at 14 wks. Fortunately for most people, it happens much sooner than it did for me. I know of others who were in a similar situation (even w/ low hcg increase) who went on to have viable pregnancies. Hang in there. I hope it all works out for you.