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Outdoorsy types aren't the only ones who need to worry about ticks you could pick one up in your own yard while gardening or playing outside. Prevent tick bites and tick borne illnesses with these four steps:It's smart to wear light colored clothing and shoes during the summertime because they help keep you cooler and, as it turns out, they help you spot any ticks that may be crawling on you. DEET products may be applied directly to exposed skin (not skin under your clothing) and to clothing, but should be used sparingly on kids look for products with about 20 percent DEET concentration, and apply it to your child's body, avoiding his or her face and hands. Permethrin should only be applied to clothing. Know Your Enemy Ticks like to hang out in grassy or wooded areas, and they are especially fond of places that are moist or humid. Be Vigilant with Tick Checks Do a tick check on everyone in the family every night. Contracting a tick borne illness can take up to 36 hours if a tick isn't removed, so you want to be prompt and thorough. The CDC recommends you check under the arms, between the legs, around the waist, inside the navel, and don't forget the hairline and scalp. Tick removal isn't complicated but there is a technique. Use fine tipped tweezers, not your bare fingers, to detach the tick. Hold the tick in the tweezers (get as close to the skin as you can) and pull upwards. Be as steady as you can, as twisting and turning could cause the tick's mouth to break off under the skin (if that happens, use your tweezers to remove it). That's it it's out! Disinfect the area and you're done.

For any parent who ever relied on this convenient but questionable code of child feeding conduct, but isn sure why, you might want to watch this entertaining clip in which one Dr. Cutler puts the five second rule to the test. If you know the rule is bunk, but need to believe it for your own self preservation, I suggest you don watch.Dr. Cutler tests the rule in a lab. He tests pizza, an apple slice and buttered toast, all of which have come into contact with various walking surfaces. The pizza fell to a kitchen floor. The apple fell onto a sidewalk. The toast fell, butter side down, onto an indoor carpet.After taking cultures of each sample of dropped food and incubating them overnight, Dr. Cutler discovered each of the specimens to be covered with bacteria, including fecal bacteria.His reaction? certainly wouldn eat that, would you? moral would appear to be, you drop it, chuck it. But we all know it not that simple. We also know dirt, and, yes, bacteria, is an unavoidable, and even beneficial, part of life. Too clean environments can result in inexperienced immune systems.We also know that some surfaces are cleaner than others. And each of us has our own comfort zones when it comes to exotic microbes.So it depends on the floor. Most people homes, I willing to guess, are cleaner than public places. We have a no shoe rule in our house. Shoes stay in the mud room. And, at the risk of putting myself out there for more harsh judgment, let me suffice it to say I recently become the proud owner of what I believe could be a life changing Swiffer.Do we eat dropped food? Sure we do. But we never, okay rarely, do it in a public place where the sheer volume of unknown feet that have been walking in unknown places have walked.Bottom line, little kids are going to find and ingest germs, whether you directly feed them to them or not.Have you ever really believed in the five second rule? When it comes to dropped food, or toys, and eating dirt, what your rule?Before becoming a SAHM 19 months ago I was a food safety microbiologist. It was my job to find out how just what was growing in or on various food and dairy samples, routine restaurant and farm samples as well as nailing down exactly what made people sick when there was a food poisoning outbreak. Know what I learned from that job? Food is gross! Really, if people knew just how much bacteria was on their food nobody would want to eat anything. Yeah sometimes the gross food was obvious but often things that looked fresh and delicious had surprisingly high bacterial counts. The thing is the vast majority of it is completely harmless, often even beneficial. Yeah the thought of eating fecal bacteria is gross, and eating food or water contaminated with poop can certainly make people very sick, but how do you think the bacteria colonise people (and animals) digestive tracts in the first place? You actually HAVE to eat a certain amount of fecal bacteria in order to have a properly functioning digestive system, and we all do because it pretty much everywhere.All this is a very long winded way of saying of course the 5 second rule is silly, half a second of 10 minutes it doesn really matter your food will pick up the bacteria from the surface it in contact with, but the floor in a average house probably doesn have any thing on worse than what you eaten already.I studied biotechnology in college and one of the grossest labs we had to do was a food science lab. The amount of bacteria that grew on the plates from the food as it came out of the package was quite gross enough. I would love to see the original paper for this to see how the controls were handled were the control samples all processed in a sterile environment by scientists wearing gloves? because that sure as heck isn how I cook in my kitchen. Oh well. For me the better question in here wouldn be how much bacteria or how many different types of bacteria but rather if any of the bacteria present were there in quantities high enough to break the infection threshold. A single bacterium does not a disease make in most casesWell, I have always tried to not get too excited about hygiene every since my son, at age 18 mths, actually picked up bird poop off the front steps and ate it before my husband could get to him. Still makes me queasy to think about it, and DH had nightmares for months, I am sure. But you know? Son will be 13 years old next week, is almost never sick, and has no allergies (well, homework ), even though his premature birth, red hair and blue eyes supposedly put him in the direct firing line for a whole host of issues, from food allergies to asthma.Humans are not meant to live in sterile surroundings. That is my excuse for not dusting (!) but really, when farm kids show fewer health problems than kids with hyper clean mothers, you have to wonder sometimes.If it drops on the floor in my house, we pick it up and eat it (unless it is something sticky that obviously picked up dirt or hair). The thing I didn like about the tests is first, aside from kids doing it when parents are not looking, who picks up a piece of cut apple off the sidewalk and eats it? Or a piece of buttered bread, butter side down, from a carpet? I think we all know the five second rule is bs but kids eat dirt, dog/cat poop (and judging from above even bird poop lol) and countless other things when we are not looking. And I would say, that when it comes to food the major thing to watch for is how it is prepared, before it is cooked. For me, the most dangerous food contamination occurs during the prep time and what makes people sick.I never believed in it. That said I done it but in my own home only! For the most part you could lick any flat surface in my home and it would be no different than licking a plate. There are no shoes EVER in the house and we shower instantly upon coming home (seriously we come upstairs peel our clothes off and wash). We just had someone come buy a mattress we listed on Craigslist. I breastfeeding so my husband is vacuuming and moping everywhere they walked.So yeah, if I drop the last m on my hardwood floor I might eat it. If my son really wants the teether he just dropped I give it to him. Would I do that in public, or someone else home, absolutely not. But in my own home, I don see the issue.I would have liked to see them do an experiment on food rather than just food, wet food being something with butter, apple slice, and pizza, and dry food being something like a chicken nugget, chip, or toast without anything on it, etc. I would never eat wet food that fell on the floor. Of course it going to pick up more germs. But what about dry food? I sure it picks up some germs within that time but I sure not as much. And which would dry food get more germs from, hard surface or carpet? I want to see that experiment.I known for years it was bunk (thank you, Mythbusters) and I generally don let my son eat stuff that has fallen in a high traffic, public area (The thought of filth on the Disneyland ground makes me shudder). But at homes allow it, honestly far too often. My hardwood floors get word with water and white vinegar every day, sometimes multiple times. And I even occasionally allowed it outside in low traffic areas. If we out hiking and he drops one of the few crackers we forgot to replenish I just be happy that we have enough food to last the excursion.This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.Cheap Nfl Jerseys For Kids

I'm not saying that this is a bad idea, but aren't you getting tired of the . as Motley Crue would say, same ole, same ole? If you said yes, then I have the hideaway for you and it's a year round spot, Wintergreen Resort, tucked away in the mountains of western Virginia. Whether it be skiing in the fall and winter or tennis and golf in the spring and summer, Wintergreen accommodates them all. With less than a handful of resorts in the state for skiing, Wintergreen is ripe for the taking and the numbers don't lie. The resort features 11,000 acres with a peak elevation of 3,515 feet. There are 26 slopes and trails, 14 of which are lighted for night skiing. Are you kidding me? But the best part of this winter wonderland, might be The Plunge, Virginia's largest tubing park. If balance on skis is an issue, then the tubing park is for you. Sitting in an inner tube, you slide down a 100 foot vertical drop at 25 40 mph in 30 seconds. Talk about a rush! Following a day on the powder, Wintergreen has the perfect respite, The Spa at Wintergreen. From couples massages to facials, pedicures or my personal favorite, the deep tissue hot stone massage. Close your eyes and picture a full day on the slopes and then a trip to the spa for a two hour custom pampering package. Again, are you kidding me! Let's not overlook the spring and summer months, as Wintergreen has been a top 25 world ranked tennis resort for the past seven years, in fact, Tennis Magazine rated Wintergreen as the No. 1 resort for families. You'll have a hard time focusing on your game with the incredible mountain views on the 19 clay courts. Open. Alas, golf is my game and Wintergreen gets it, with 45 holes of outstanding golf. Devils Knob receives most of the accolades, with its stunning vistas and a slope rating of 138. The course itself at 3,850 feet of elevation is the highest course in the Old Dominion state. Although just 6,712 yards in length, the layout is extremely difficult, with its small slick putting surfaces, tight tree lined fairways and a variety of elevation changes on each and every hole. "Our greens are in great shape and can be quite a challenge for sure," said Philip Licata, head golf professional at Devils Knob. "How good . we have a member that refers to our greens as 'curved concrete.'" With a par of 70, this course will certainly play to a scoring average of over par, but let's not forget the outstanding course conditioning. This is golf at its best. "The environment allows us to grow grass very easily since it's cooler up here on the mountain and it's drier with lower humidity, so our conditions are outstanding," continued Licata. "Although weather is big factor, much of the credit needs to go to our superintendent Wallace Haskins, with Fred Biggers overlooking his work." Although the course is difficult, especially from the back tees, it certainly is user friendly with five sets of markers playing down to 4,000 yards. So all of those junior golfers striving to become the next Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy, Devils Knob will be a great start. "Year to year, our conditions at Devils Knob are very consistent, mainly because of the environment," Licata said. "It's a lot cooler, roughly 12 15 degrees cooler than the valley. So it's a nice change of pace during the summer months. Our season is usually the second Friday in April and the last Sunday in October at Devils Knob, while Stoney Creek is open year round, as long as there is no snow on the ground." If it's a full day of golf you strive for, then go no further than the 27 holes down in the valley at Stoney Creek. Legendary golf course architect Rees Jones crafted all three nines situated in Rockfish Valley, 3,000 feet below the Blue Ridge Mountains. Open Championship venues in the past two decades, crafted the first 18 holes in 1988 and within one year, it was selected as runner up for the "Best New Resort Course" by Golf Digest. The Monocan and Shamokin nines were followed 10 years later by the Tuckahoe nine, and all three courses feature the many elements of a Jones design, complete with generous landing areas, mounding, several forced carries, deep bunkers and large greens. "The Tuckahoe nine is a lot of up and down with topography change and Cavalier Zoysia fairways, which is, day in and day out, the best surfaces to play on and personally, I think our fairways are the best on the East Coast," said Geoff Redgrave, director of golf at Wintergreen. What might set Wintergreen apart from other resorts is the outstanding golf academy. "What we want to do at the academy is have a variety of offerings for the beginner player as well as the advanced player, not to mention the junior golfer," Redgrave said. "We try to provide a holistic approach to hit all the different types of golfers." The key here is that it's not just a "come in for an hour lesson," these are programs tailor made to your game and time frame. "We have one, two and three day golf school programs," Redgrave added, "with very small class sizes that run four hours per day, including lunch and a round of golf, so this is a great way to work on your game with as close to a one on one basis than you can find." In addition, the junior and family programs at Wintergreen are ideal for all levels, as they work on teaching the fundamentals of golf. "We teamed up with Nike and US Sports Camps to get kids here for a good part of the week," said Redgrave. "Kids stay overnight and work on their games for an entire week." A big part of Wintergreen is family and the golf programs fit this resort to a "tee," so to speak. "We have family golf programs that we utilize, where we have instruction with the families who take our clinic and then they all go out and play the course," Redgrave said. "We shorten the golf course and they play the family fun tees in the afternoon, so they are not intimidated by other golfers and they'll experience the golf course. This is a neat way to reach out to new golfers as well as experienced players so that they can enjoy the game more." All I can say is Wintergreen is one of those unique resorts. Where else can you ski in the morning and play golf in the afternoon, and I'm not talking about Xbox? This is just the tip of the iceberg, but I'll have to make another visit to Wintergreen, so I can take on the 900 foot Zip Line, the 30 miles of hiking, boating/fishing on the James River, shooting a better score at Devils Knob or gaining revenge on my son for beating me at miniature golf.