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Created in Italy during the Renaissance by the Medici family, ballet is the most stylized and formal dance form. Starting between the ages of 11 to 13, girls begin to train en pointe and dance on their toes with the pointe shoe: a silky pink shoe with a squared off toe made out of a paper mache material. With many years of training, a ballerina can pirouette (spin) and dance with her partner on her toes. When men dance ballet, they learn how to leap and turn high in the air and take special partner lessons to dance a pas de deux ("a dance of two") with a ballerina. The Paris Opera Ballet and the Bolshoi Ballet are leaders in ballet today. Jazz can be seen as a combination of ballet and Broadway. The steps chasse, jete and pas de bourree are all from ballet while Charleston, Crazy Legs and Bee's Knees are elements of "old Hollywood." Jazz has high energy and is performed with intense, usually quick music. The idea of "center control" is important to this dance style; without a secure center (abdominal area), a lot of the steps and movements would be difficult to do. A notable jazz dance company is Giordano Jazz Dance based in Chicago. Ballroom is a popular recreational activity, especially for people who have no previous dance experience. There are several tempos and styles within ballroom: Jive, Quickstep and Swing are quick; Waltz, Foxtrot and Blues are slower and sometimes slinky; and the Tango, Flamenco and Cha Cha are somewhere in between. Each style has a certain set of steps that correspond with the timing of the accompanying music and the character of the dance. America's Ballroom Challenge is a popular competition that is aired on PBS. Different Kinds of Dance Shoes Dance shoes are quite different than regular street shoes. Dance shoes of all types are designed to be lighter and fit the. Types of Stair Case Designs Types of Stair Case Designs. Most staircase designs fit into the following three types: straight, spiral, and platform. Designs have evolved from. Types of Malaysian Dance for Kids Malaysian dances for kids are a central part of communal celebrations and entertainment. Both children and adults enjoy performing these movements that.

Lob City stars just watched in amazement. George scored 36 points, the last two on a reverse windmill dunk that brought fans to their feet and the Clippers to their knees in Indiana 106 92 rout Saturday night. was just instinctive, George said after helping to end the Clippers five game winning streak. wanted to put on a show for the fans. entire season has been a showcase for the Pacers (32 7), who have the NBA best record, the league best home record at 21 1 and a 3 1/2 game lead in the Eastern Conference over two time defending champion Miami. George highlight reel dunks and Lance Stephenson increasingly commonplace poses are all becoming part of Indiana normal routine. George, last year Most Improved Player, has six 30 point games and 27 20 point games this season. The 23 year old emerging star is ranked among the league leaders in scoring, free throw percentage and steals, and he might be higher in rebounds and assists if the Pacers weren blowing teams out with regularity. Critics might contend the only real thing missing from his resume is pizazz. Those complaints disappeared with one dunk contest move that George saved for game time. Armed with a 20 point lead and a clear path to the basket, he leapt in the air, spun around, slammed the ball with one hand, stuck the landing and ran back to play defense. Fans and most of his teammates immediately jumped to their feet. just wanted to celebrate, Stephenson said. didn want to get back on defense. I not seen one like that in a game I been in. fans haven seen anything quite like this season, either, not even when Reggie Miller was running the show. The Pacers have now won four straight, all by at least 14 points, and fell just short of winning four in a row by 20 or more points for the first time in franchise history. All this came on a night Indiana wasn even at full strength in the second half. Power forward David West was ejected at halftime after the officials gave him a flagrant 2 foul after a replay review. All Star center Roy Hibbert and West backup, Luis Scola, started the fourth quarter on the bench in foul trouble and wound up taking the rest of the night off. Indiana didn even need them. George barely missed, going 12 of 17 from the field, 5 of 6 on 3 pointers and 7 of 7 from the free throw line. He had six points and three steals, too. Stephenson, who leads the NBA with three triple doubles, settled for 22 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists. Indiana bench pitched in, too. Watson had 11 points. The Clippers bigger problem was Indiana stout defense. Indiana had a 48 39 rebounding edge, a 42 32 edge on points in the paints and limited the high scoring Clippers to 39.8 percent from the field and six fast break points. Jamal Crawford finished with 22 points off the bench, while Blake Griffin had 19 points and rebounds and DeAndre Jordan finished with 12 points and 17 rebounds to lead Los Angeles (28 14). That wasn nearly enough to keep up with the Pacers, who ended the Clippers run of four consecutive 109 point games. didn play well at all, Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. thought their defense really rushed us. We talked about how they tried to channel you into their bigs and we kept falling for it over and over again. We just didn execute offensively. led 28 18 after one, 45 27 midway through the second and by as much as 20 in the third quarter before the Clippers showed any indication they may rally. Crawford spurred a 9 3 run to end the third quarter and got the Clippers within 81 72 early in the fourth. But a layup from Stephenson started a 17 4 run, capped by George incredible dunk that gave the Pacers lots of momentum heading into a five game West Coast swing that begins Monday at Golden State.Wholesale Jerseys Reviews

People of all ages, especially children, enjoy animal slippers. Fortunately, there are many kinds of animal foot slippers to choose from. You will find slippers that look like domestic animals, jungle animals, animal prints, and animals from cartoons and movies. It may be very challenging to determine which of the animal slippers that you stumble across will be best for your child. Given the styles, colors, designs, features, and prices associated with novelty slippers, it is no wonder many people find it challenging to select just one pair. The first to step to choosing novelty slippers your kids will love is to think about what they like. Do they like prehistoric animals or elephants? Do they have a favorite movie or cartoon character? Maybe they like horses. When deciding what deciding what the child likes, you will also want to the about the child's gender. The idea is to buy animal slippers that will appeal to each individual child you are buying for, not children in a general manner. When choosing animal theme slippers, be certain to pay special attention to the size. Many animal slippers will use standard sizes such as "Small", "Medium", "Large", and "Extra Large". If you look closely on the tag that is attached to the slippers that you are interested in, you may find even more details regarding the size. For example, the tag may say something like "Size Small 4 6". This means that children that wear a standard shoe size of four to six will be able to wear the small slippers. Since animal theme slippers are often more bulky than traditional slippers, allot some space for the decorations on the animal slippers. When choosing fun novelty animal slippers for kids, it is really important to consider the level of slip resistance that the slipper has. Toddlers and even older kids are known for moving from one area to another quickly. If a child's slippers are non slip resistant, there's a good chance that they will slip and fall. Since this could result in injury, choose only slippers that are slip resistant. If you heed the tips given in this guide, you can quickly narrow down your choices and choose the perfect animal slippers for your little one.